Zillow’s 10 Hottest Housing Markets for 2016

The verdict is in: coming in at number two, Seattle is projected to remain one of the hottest housing markets along with two other tech cities preparing for growth. Zillow analyzed home value appreciation, unemployment rates and income growth in order to create the list, which also includes Portland and rapidly burgeoning Boise.

1- Denver, Colorado

2- Seattle, Washington

3- Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

4- Richmond, Virginia

5- Boise, Idaho

6- Ogden, Utah

7- Salt Lake City, Utah

8- Omaha, Nebraska

9- Sacramento, California

10- Portland, Oregon

Zillow got even more specific, identifying the five Seattle neighborhoods expected to see the biggest surge:

1- Northwest Bellevue: 9.2% forecasted home value growth.

2- University District and Holly Park: 8.3% forecasted home value growth.

3- Olympic Manor: 8.2% forecasted home value growth.

4- Fremont and South Delridge: 7.9% forecasted home value growth.

5- Bryant: 7.7% forecasted home value growth.

What else will the housing market have in store for us this year? Cheers to 2016!

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