Seattle’s Highest And Lowest Priced Neighbhoods

If you’re in the market to purchase in King County, here are some neighborhoods to consider for just about every budget.


Coming in at the highest price point for real estate is the neighborhood of Madison Park. According to Team Troy™, Madison Park is one of the most sought-after residential neighborhoods in Seattle with its prime location along the shores of beautiful Lake Washington, it also boasts sweeping views of the Olympic Mountains, a famous botanical garden and 24 acres of lakeside community activities for everyone including tennis courts, a floating beach platform and numerous shops and cafes.The average listing price for this neighborhood comes in at a cool $2.4M. Also coming in at the million dollar prices are Downtown Seattle, Magnolia, Wallingford, Bainbridge Island, Montlake and Richmond Beach.

If million dollar real estate is not exactly within your budget, maybe neighborhoods such as West Seattle, Beacon Hill, South Lake Union, Ballard or Green Lake would be more suitable. Each of these neighborhoods have great parks, views and vibrant communities that have activities for just about every lifestyle without completely breaking the bank.Coming in at an average listing price of around $600K-$700K, these neighborhoods are slightly more affordable than the more upscale neighborhoods of million dollar areas but maintain a similar aesthetic and community feel to them.

Although most neighborhoods in Seattle tend to lean more towards the higher six-figure and even seven-figure price range, there are still ample areas within King County that offer plenty of attractive and affordable housing for most budgets. Homes located in the outskirts of Seattle, including Renton, Northgate, Kent, Shoreline and Tukwila are just a few areas that many can find homes within reasonable price ranges from $497K and lower. Each of these areas have ample shopping, restaurants, an abundance of outdoor activities and are within close proximity to downtown Seattle for an easy commute. So, whatever your budget, rest assured Seattle has something for everyone.

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