Seattle’s Affordability Scale

It’s no secret our city is an expensive place to live–especially right now, with the median home price at an eye-popping $415,800. But just how expensive is Seattle? Let’s take a closer look:

Population: 652,405/3.5 million (city/metro area) 

Square mileage: 84/5,872 (city/metro area)

Median rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $1,800/month

Estimated monthly health insurance premium for a 40-year-old: $215

Gallon of gas: $4.01

Average monthly utilities: $93/$82 (electricity/natural gas)

Average annual cost of daycare for an infant: $12,108

Income tax: 0% (wonderful!)

Sales tax (state, county and city): 9.5% (not so wonderful)

Property tax (based on a $300,00 home): $3,088

Median income: $37,362

While not the most expensive city in the country, the home of the Space Needle is still pretty pricey. It’s a good thing Seattle is a beautiful and wonderful place to live!

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