Old Spaghetti Factory Building Sells for $9 Million

As a pregnant woman in the fall of 2012, the only thing I could stomach for two straight weeks was a heaping dish of the Mizithra cheese pasta with browned butter from Old Spaghetti Factory. Perfection, that Mizithra. Which is why I am calling attention to all Old Spaghetti Factory fans of Seattle! You might want to hop on over to the downtown location while it’s still open!

Nitze-Stagen and Meriwether Partners purchased the historic warehouse near the waterfront and its parking lot for $9 million from the Dussin family, the owners of the Portland-based Old Spaghetti Factory chain.

The salmon-packing warehouse was built in 1902 across from Pier 70, and has worn many hats since. It housed Frederick & Nelson’s department store merchandise, operated as a waterproof-glue manufacturing company and finally in 1970, became home to the Old Spaghetti Factory.

The developers have not yet stated whether or not they will keep the iconic restaurant open. “We are just at the beginning stages of exploring our design options. But whatever we do, it will connect to the public spaces, honor the historic building, and be a high-quality project,” said Joel Aslanian of Meriwether Partners. But if it does indeed close, don’t worry too much–there’s another one in Lynnwood.

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