Mixed-use Tower to Open in Seattle in 2017

The Mark, a 43-story tower with an SLS Hotel and 528,000 square feet of office space, creatively combining work and luxury is set to open in 2017. While office towers don’t usually go hand in hand with hotels, Daniels Real Estate realized during the design of their office project that the tower would offer many amenities that would attract employees and hotel guests alike. Restaurants, access to a fitness center and spa, areas large enough to house meetings–even nightlife will be available, catering to the lifestyles of the building’s occupants.

The building will feature open floor plans, plenty of light and the latest technology, making it a home away from home. The Mark will also be extremely environmentally conscious, donning solar glass panels and a living wall. The project will also serve to protect the former First United Methodist Church sanctuary founded over 100 years ago.

“From a sustainability perspective, I am a firm believer that the more mixed-use buildings we design, the more vitality we bring to our local downtowns or urban cores,” writes Kevin Daniels, president and a majority stockholder of Daniels Real Estate. “By mixing the uses and sharing spaces with untraditional uses, we are creating more social interaction and new economic opportunities.”

What do you think? Would you want to work in a building that shares space with a hotel? How about from the opposite standpoint? Would you like to stay in a hotel that is also home to office space? I am definitely interested in this unusual and inspired project, and am eager to see The Mark for myself when it opens in 2017!

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