It’s Official: Seattle Has the Hottest Housing Market released their list of Top Single-Family Housing Markets Report for Fall 2015, and our fair city came in at #1. Also in the top five was Portland. According to, “These markets had the best combination of rising home prices, favorable affordability and strong housing demand, combined with strong economic and demographic conditions that point to future demand.”

This comes as no surprise to us (except maybe the part about affordability), as we Seattleites have seen firsthand how crazy the current housing market is. The astonishingly high and continually rising amount of employment opportunities that lie within Seattle and the surrounding areas will continue to drive the housing demand, surely keeping Seattle at the top of the list indefinitely.

Here is a full list of the top 50 cities with the hottest housing markets:

1 Seattle

2 Fort Lauderdale

3 Orlando

4 Palm Beach County

5 Portland

6 Columbus

7 Nashville

8 Charlotte

9 Denver

10 Oakland

11 San Francisco

12 Washington, D.C.

13 Miami

14 San Jose

15 Tampa

16 Atlanta

17 Jacksonville

18nSan Antonio

19 Dallas

20 Las Vegas

21 San Diego

22 Austin

23 Fort Worth

24 Phoenix

25 Raleigh

26 Northern Virginia

27 Riverside, Calif.

28 Minneapolis

29 Los Angeles

30 Salt Lake City

31 Kansas City

32 Orange County, Calif.

33 Sacramento

34 Boston

35 Houston

36 Indianapolis

37 Milwaukee

38 Cincinnati

39 Suburban Maryland

40 Cleveland

41 Baltimore

42 Memphis

43 Detroit

44 Chicago

45 Long Island

46 Philadelphia

47 Pittsburgh

48 Northern New Jersey

49 St. Louis

50 Central New Jersey

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