Forbes 25 Best Places To Retire

Do you dream of the glory days of your future? When the kids are all grown and moved out? When your life no longer consists of being a slave to a 9-5 desk job? If you’re like me, your dreams of retirement include tropical printed curtains, sassy best friends and a Florida backdrop, à la Golden Girls, but I’ll let you browse through this list and decide for yourself:

25. Venice, Florida

24. Tucson, Arizona

23. State College, Pennsylvania

22. San Angelo, Texas

21. Salt Lake City, Utah

20. Port Saint Lucie, Florida

19. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

18. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

17. Ogden, Utah

16. Morgantown, West Virginia

15. Las Cruces, New Mexico

14. Fredericksburg, Texas

13. Fargo, North Dakota

12. Clemson, South Carolina

11. Charleston, South Carolina

10. Cape Coral, Florida

9. Brevard, North Carolina

8. Bowling Green, Kentucky

7. Boise, Idaho

6. Bluffton, South Carolina

5. Blacksburg, Virginia

4. Bellingham, Washington

3. Austin, Texas

2. Auburn, Alabama

1. Abilene, Texas

There you have it! If you’re looking to stay in the beautiful PNW, Boise and Bellingham both rated in the top 10! There are many places to explore, so find the place that will best suit you. Meanwhile, I’ll be thoroughly researching the three Florida locales!

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