Famous Seattle Landmark Wiped Clean

If you are a Seattleite, chances are you’ve stopped by the beloved landmark that is the Gum Wall in Post Alley. Maybe you blew a big bubble as a kid, proudly adding it to the collection as your parents dry heaved while they watched. Perhaps you stopped by as a teen, mashing your chewed up wad of gum with your date’s as a romantic gesture. Or maybe you sheepishly stopped by on your lunch break as an adult to discreetly partake in the delightful tradition. Whatever your sticky memory may be, hold it close to your heart, because the 20 years of germs were steam-washed and scraped down on Tuesday, revealing the plain brick wall underneath.

Let us not keep it bare for long! Time to get chomping on some Big League Chew and rebuild our precious and disgusting monument.

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