Expedia to move to Seattle

Expedia just announced their purchase of a $228.9 million waterfront property in Seattle that will be the home of their new headquarters. Expedia’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi plans to gain 1,500 new employees over the next few years. “We think it will be a magnet for top talent,” he explained. Expedia will take over the 750,000 square-foot office space where Amgen currently resides. Expedia also plans to use surrounding vacant land to expand even more–an additional 200,000 square feet set for completion in 2018.

Expedia currently leases more than half a million square feet in Bellevue–that’s 6 percent of the city’s office space. The space is a bit detached from the city, without nearby amenities such as restaurants and entertainment. The waterfront property is connected to Elliot Avenue West by a $10 million bridge that Amgen built to simulate a double-helix.

Expedia employees are already understandably worried about their commute to Seattle, 75% of them Eastside residents. The area where the office lays  is not currently included in a direct bus route, but Expedia calculated that the average employee commute time will only increase 5-6 minutes.

The changed in commute might just be worth it, as the Seattle office will provide Expedia the room it needs to grow and develop. Khosrowshahi said of the impending move, “We’re able to make our mark. We’re able to own it, not just lease it. We’re going to create an environment that’s about Expedia. That’s our culture.”

Growing, expanding and flourishing!  It’s what Seattle seems to be doing best as of late!


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