Pyatt Broadmark. Your Pacific Northwest Private Money Lender.

Pyatt Broadmark Management specializes in hard money loans in Seattle and for Northwest real estate investments. Because we are a private lender, we demonstrate an agility that is absent in traditional lending institutions. We understand that speed, efficiency and flexibility are essential to compete in a dynamic market, and we take pride in a lending process that matches the pace of today’s real estate investor.

Why Us?

Our expedited process allows our clients to capitalize on investment opportunities ahead of their competitors. In the time it takes a bank to decide to fund a typical real estate project, our clients’ projects can be funded and already underway to realizing profits.

What Our Clients Say

  • "PBM has financed numerous development, construction, and rehab loans for us. Their ability to close a loan quickly combined with their prompt draw funding has allowed us to make bargain purchases and take advantage of vendor and subcontractor discounts."

    Robert D., Borrower

  • "I really appreciate all you did for us. Having our original construction loan mature before we qualified for conventional financing could have cost us our business. You stepped up and helped us. I would recommend you in the future without hesitation!"

    Kevin D., Borrower

  • "PBM has become my primary source for private money loans. Their underwriting and due diligence process is fast and efficient. I know my clients will receive outstanding service when dealing with PBM."

    David V., Borrower

Our Projects

At Pyatt Broadmark Management, we deliver short-term financing solutions for construction, land acquisition, land development and rehab projects, as well as bridge loans to conventional and commercial real estate purchase loans. Our offices are based in Seattle and we serve the greater Pacific Northwest.

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Contact us today to learn more about our efficient lending options. We want to help you achieve your financial goals with a private money loan that meets your individual needs.

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