Idaho (Boise MSA) Market Report

Our market continues to grow and heal from the recent recession.

The average price of a resale home that closed in Ada County, Oct. 3013 was $228,381, an increase of $28,983 or 16% over Oct. 2012.

The average resale home price in Canyon Co. was $125,329, up $21,124 or 22% over Oct. 2012.

New Homes in Ada County averaged $292,734, a gain of $32,974 or 14% over Oct. 2012.

New Homes in Canyon Co. averaged $185,553, an increase of $32,209 or 22% over Oct. 2012.

These are very dramatic increases for a one year period.

The total housing market continues to grow as well. The total number of homes closed in 2013, both new and resale, for both counties will be approximately 10,500 units. We have not exceeded the 10,000 unit mark since 2006. This is very encouraging. We have a ways to go in our recovery but things are definitely looking up. Our local housing market is being bolstered by the influx of families moving into the area.

Courtesy of Mike Pennington, John L. Scott

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